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HOTREC elects its new Executive Committee for a mandate of 2 years

[Communiqué de presse de l’HOTREC du 21/10/2016 ; http://www.hotrec.eu/newsroom/press-releases-1714/hotrec-elects-its-new-executive-committee-for-a-mandate-of-2-years.aspx]

Malta, HOTREC 73rd General Assembly, 20 October 2016 – HOTREC, the umbrella association of Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés in Europe, elected today its new Executive Committee (EXCOM) composed of 11 members, representing 11 European countries.

Ms. Kraus-Winkler has been re-elected President of HOTREC, after a first mandate of two years period. Ms. Kraus-Winkler is a Member of the HOTREC Executive Committee since 2004 and assumed the functions of Vice-President of HOTREC from 2010. She counts with a vast experience in tourism and hospitality sector management and is co-owner of the LOISIUM wine & spa Hotel Group and Harry’s Home Hotel Group. Ms. Kraus-Winkler develops as well, on a daily basis, different functions at the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, where she is a longstanding Board Member of the Austrian Professional Hotel Association.
“Our goal for the next two years is to provide the industry with a favourable regulatory framework to invest in innovation and new products, therefore fostering business growth and job creation. I will continue, together with the newly elected Executive Committee of HOTREC, and its Members, along with the CEO and his Team, to influence the EU legislative debates and make sure that the voice of the 1.8 million SMEs is heard. I will also strive for our Association to keep providing excellency in its services and being a best practice and knowledge sharing platform to all its 43 National Associations, located in 30 European countries”, commented Ms. Susanne Kraus-Winkler, the re-elected HOTREC President.


The new HOTREC Executive Committee is now composed by the President Susanne Kraus-Winkler (Austria) ; Vice-President Ákos Niklai (Hungary) ; Jens Zimmer Christensen (Denmark) ; Agni Christidou (Greece) ; Marinus Cordesius (the Netherlands) ; Markus Luthe (Germany) ; Adrian Cummins (Ireland) ; Ramón Estalella (Spain) ; Samuel Lacombe (France) ; Manfred Pinzger (Italy) Danny Van Assche (Belgium).